Old Spice VS Puss in Boots

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Old Spice Puss in Boots Uita-te la blogul tau, inapoi la mine, inapoi la tine, inapoi la mine! Din pacate nu sunt eu, dar daca te opresti din scris pe blogul tau si faci copy-paste, ar putea arata ca al meu. Priveste in jos, in sus, unde esti? Esti la computer cu blogul tau, te gandesti cum ar arata! Ce ai in mana? Este un mouse! Priveste din nou, mouse-ul a devenit acum o tastatura! Orice este posibil cand blogul tau arata ca al meu si nu ca al tau. Sunt calare pe val.

Si pentru ca suna foarte misto si varianta in engleza, am zis sa ramana si aceasta:

Look at your blog, now back to mine, now back at your blog, no back to mine! Sadly, it isn’t mine, but if you stopped writing your own blog and switched to copy and paste it could look like mine! Look down, look up, where are you? You’re at a computer with the blog, your blog could look like! What’s in your hand? It’s a mouse! Look again, the mouse is now a keyboard! Anything is possible when your blog looks like mine and not yours. I’m on a snowboard.

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